When planning your wedding reception there is no right or wrong music. That being said, try to remember that your setting a musical tone for the evening and if you pick fun music, you're more likely to have a fun wedding. So pick fun music. Upbeat jams go a long ways. Even during cocktail hour. You don't have to play classical music just because it's a wedding. You can play anything you want. Just remember that we're trying to entertain everyone you invited and not everybody listens to the same kinds of music.  

Here are some other things to consider when selecting the music for your wedding reception.

Tone and Feel:
So what are we doing here? First let's look at the context.  Where are we? Are we at a black tie event downtown? Are we in a barn and everybody's wearing cowboy hats and there's a jump castle? 

The context of where we are can matter as much as anything. Think about that. 

The vibe is just as important.  Are we shooting for sophisticated chic? Romantic? Sexy & fun? How about just casual?  Telling me the vibe you want to create will go so much further than scratching your head and digging around for songs that may or may not work in a wedding context on the big day. 

Ok listen. I cannot emphasize this enough. Please try to consider everyone who is coming to your wedding young and old. You will have a better time if everyone you invite has a better time. I will almost guarantee you that your parents don't listen to Diplo, Kendrick Lamar, or Future. That being said, if it's going to be a predominantly younger crowd let's lean that way. If it's going to be more of an older crowd, let's lean that way. Classic wedding music is some of the funnest stuff out there. Everybody knows it. If it's going to be a more intimate wedding with just your close friends and family you may want to leave it more open format and let requests and vibe steer us in the right direction.

Instrumental Music
For Dinner music this is a GREAT option. Instrumental music is better suited for dinner situations. Music with words in it is ALWAYS noisy. You start getting complaints from guests almost immediately about the volume and people aren't really trying to listen to music then anyways. They're trying to have a good time talking to the people they are sitting with. Choosing good upbeat instrumental music is a great way to set the tone for your wedding later.