Ok so we've had dinner and maybe a glass of champagne or two . . . we've made our toasts and shared some special moments. Now it's time to party! 

So listen! I've spent years and years DJing at weddings. Literally since you started reading this website I've probably already DJ'd at least 2 more. My job is to make sure you and your guests are happy and having fun. I like good parties and I've been to a ton of them. I bring that information forward with me to your wedding.

All I ask is that you give me the freedom and flexibility to make your party a success. I ask for two things.

The first thing I ask is for you to tell me what kind of vibe you're wanting to create. This can be especially helpful to me in planning your music. I also would like to know how old both you and your fiance are as well as your core group of friends. Then I'd like to know how old your parents are and their friends!

The second thing I ask is for you to create 3 universes in your mind when creating a music list. Here they are:

Universe 1
In this Universe let's put the must play no matter what songs. Ideally that's 10-15 song max. 

Universe 2
In this Universe let's put all the other stuff. These are the songs that we should absolutely play if the crowd is feeling it and everything is working. If it looks like the party's bumping and they are going to feel that next track you'd better believe I'm dropping on the deck. I'm absolutely not a stickler and welcome requests from the crowd. Remember parties are fun! I just use my judgment to play what needs to be played and skip what needs to be skipped.  

Universe 3
In this final Universe let's put the Do-Not-Play list. Please don't worry about obvious song choices like the chicken dance, macarena, electric slide, cotton eyed joe, etc. Those aren't getting played unless YOU specifically tell me to. Remember I'm cool ;)

Here's some other things to keep in mind:

1. When it comes to partying, if you want people to party, you need to stay out there as well. Brides and Grooms need to realize that the crowd follows their lead. If you're out there partying, they're out there partying. 100% If you're outside, a good portion of the crowd will follow you there! 

2. Weddings usually have a wide demographic of people in attendance. If you're 40+ years old you're probably not listening to top 40 anymore. You don't know who Kendrick Lamar is and you might only be slightly aware of Bruno Mars. That's ok though! There's tons and tons of classic jams that are still super cool and the bonus is that both you AND them will know all the words. It keeps everybody moving. When you mix in the classic with the new you end up with a much more fun wedding atmosphere that everyone can participate in. 

3. Slow dances are important! When I think back on the absolute best weddings that I've ever attended, no matter how absolutely crazy out of control they were, they had some slow dances mixed in to change the pace. You can't maintain a level 10 party all night. You can only hit those peaks in waves. Taking a slow break here and there gives people a chance to move around, grab drinks, do a little socializing, or get onto the dance floor if they're not huge party dancers. If you try to maintain a level 10 party all night with no breaks you'll end up with a high 6 low 7 party instead. Let's go all the way!