Frequently asked questions for the wedding DJ named Lucas.

So here is a list of questions that I receive concerning my wedding DJ services. 

Why should I hire Lucas the DJ instead of a band for my wedding? 

A: Because I rock so much harder (true story)
B: I have designed my set-up to be just as classy as a great wedding band. 
C: I can tailor fit the music in real time to reflect exactly what's happening on the dance floor. I seamlessly mix new and classic jams together in a way that no band ever could.
D: I bring as big or bigger a system as most high-end wedding bands.
E: I'm a modern, contemporary DJ who likes to party at modern, contemporary weddings.  

What sets you apart from other mobile DJs? 

I am dedicated to a modern quality entertainment experience from start to finish. At the time of this writing I have DJ'd 497 weddings. I started my career as a wedding DJ in Charleston SC.  The wedding industry down there is the #1 destination wedding location in the world. I've DJ'd at some very prestigious weddings and my entire style has been shaped by that world. I'm young enough to know what is cool and experienced enough to know how to shape the music around who is invited while still reflecting as much of my bride and grooms personal taste as possible.

When I'm DJing I can read a room and instantly know whether or not things are going well. Some people might look out at a dance floor and say "Yeah it's going great!" and I'm going to see a dance floor that needs to go in a different direction quickly because I know what a truly healthy party looks like. 

I'm a super good mix DJ (if I do say so myself) and people tell me I'm the best wedding DJ they've ever heard all the time. 
My equipment is literally the best. Every single piece of DJ gear that I have including sound system. I take it very seriously.

What is your style? 

I like to think I'm a touch of Frank Sinatra meets Robin Thicke & Diplo. I DJ music the crowd in front of me likes. I adjust in real time to what I see happening in front of me. I've got a strong nose for what's going to work next and tons of little surprises up my sleeves. I dress like a wedding guest and I like to try and make everyone you invited feel included and welcomed on the dance floor. I've got a very laid back attitude with a polished presentation. I've got a fun microphone presence but I definitely don't over do it. 

How do you mix the music? 

I'm a mix DJ. There's so many factors that go into how I mix music at a wedding. I mix music using key signatures, beats per minute, tempo adjustments as well as era, genre, popularity, and tone. I like a wedding party with a lot of momentum shifts. It keeps things lively and the guests guessing what's coming next. I use turntables to mix the music together and keep the energy going nonstop. 

Where should we put the DJ and the dance floor?

Ideally the dance floor and myself are going to be at the center of your event. You don't take a great wedding band and put them in the corner. Same thing with myself. You want a clearly defined dance floor and you want me to be right up against it. The next thing to consider is the size of the dance floor. You don't want a dance floor that's too big for the number of guests invited because it will feel empty and you don't want one that's too small either with people spilling off the sides. 

It's very important that you do not separate myself from the dance floor. I need to be right against it.

Can we choose the music for our wedding reception? 

Of course you can pick the music for your wedding. I want to play music you like! A lot of my clients pick music for cocktail hour and dinner especially. Now please remember that I have spent literally thousands of hours researching and cataloguing music for specific kinds of weddings. I'm an expert in wedding music. That's an expertise you can rely on. When we start talking about the kind of wedding experience you're hoping to create I'm going to be very interested in what you like because I want your wedding to feel like it fits you.

A lot of my clients just tell me the kind of vibe they're hoping to create and I take it from there. 

Either way, if you do begin to collect songs you'd like to hear at your wedding, you need to remember that the wedding is going to have 3 distinct parties taking place.

The first party will be the cocktail party. I highly recommend that we play some fun & upbeat music during this portion of the night. It sets the tone for the whole party! If you want a fun wedding you should play fun music! 

The second part of the evening will be dinner. This is a totally different category of music for weddings. In general, people are not usually trying to have music blasted over the top of them. It's very common to have people complain about the volume of music during dinner so I really strive to find that sweet spot. 

In general I recommend that we go with some nice upbeat instrumental music for dinner. We can go with wedding classics, contemporary instrumental, or I can even start throwing down some really sophisticated contemporary post-edm. It's up to you of course but fun instrumental music seems to feel right in most cases. As dinner progresses I usually start to ramp up the music and start to segway into more fun yet still light dancey tunes.  This is definitely subject to change based on what I'm seeing happening. If people can't even stay in their seats through dinner because they want to party then I'll start heading in that direction while still maintaining a classy atmosphere. 

The final part of the evening will obviously be the party! In my opinion the best weddings are the ones that entertain everyone present and it's easy to do when you mix through a wide range of music. It really depends on who you invited!  If everybody's 24-30 it's going to be a way different party than if 60% of the crowd is 50+ Certain songs work with certain crowds and it's extremely difficult to guess prior to a wedding actually beginning. I've tried many times and I always have had to adjust for what was actually happening once I got going. 

In a perfect world, you give me about 10 must plays and the rest of them are "Play if the crowd's feeling it" choices. That gives me the flexibility I need to rock your party! 

Do you talk or emcee in between songs?

No. I definitely rely on my musical selections at your wedding to do most of the talking. I only MC to let people know what's going on and to handle introductions and toasts etc. I might get those hands in the air every now and then though ;) 

Do you take breaks during an event? 

I stay very close to the event, even during dinner and cocktail. I'm constantly monitoring the music and the vibe of every wedding to make sure I see lots of people laughing and having a good time. I do request a vendor meal (DJs party better when they are well fed) and I try to take that outside of the reception area and not back behind the turntables. Other than that, I'm there all night! 

Do you use remixes and mash-ups?

I've spent years and years finding and testing the best remixes. Often original releases are the way to go but I definitely have some bangers in my back pocket. I've got access to many DJ pools that give me access to special releases and promos, remasters, re-edits, blends, mash-ups, accapellas and so on. It definitely adds a little something but you've got to be careful not to over do it!

How involved will you be in selecting the music for our event? 

A lot of my clients only give me 15 or less songs that they would like to hear and I take it from there. My DJ playlists have been designed to be utilized in the moment so that I can find the best possible song at the best possible moment. I'm not just playing the next song that's underneath the last song. I want to work with you prior to the wedding to establish your preferences and taste and then I want to apply that to the wedding in as effective a way as possible.

How involved can we be in selecting the music? 

I encourage you to try to be as involved as possible. That's how I can make you happy!  Let's have an in depth discussion of what you want to hear. That way when your wedding day arrives, I can represent you to the fullest of my abilities. What you don't want at your wedding can almost be as important as what you do want so establishing a healthy Do-Not-Play list can be important as well. Let's make this wedding a party to remember!

Do you take requests? 

Absolutely I take requests. Who doesn't like getting to hear their favorite song get dropped? It usually makes at least a few people scream and throw their hands in the air when they hear their jam and that usually adds to the party environment. I of course use my judgement when accepting requests. For example I was just at a wedding the other day where an obvious "trouble maker" came up to me during dinner and requested to hear some Skrillex. This was a super classy pillow top tent wedding and Skrillex was a horrible idea so I explained to him why we couldn't play that at the moment and to try and think a little bit more about who was in attendance as well as what was physically happening around him. With that in mind he picked a song that was more appropriate and off we went! No problem.  

What types of music do you have? 

I have all the music. 

Do you use a contract? 

Yes.  I have a standardized event contract that is very straight-forward and easy to understand. For all weddings and events we use a standardized contract.  

How much is the deposit and when is the final payment due? 

I request a 25% retainer to hold your date for your event.  I ask that the final payment be made 14 days before your wedding so that on your wedding day you have one less thing to worry about.  

Is my retainer refundable?

Retainers are non-refundable.  Should you need to cancel, your deposit can credited to a future booking or event.  When you pay your deposit, you are securing my services for that event date and at the same time preventing me from booking to DJ on that event date with another client.  On average my clients book 9 to 14 months in advance of their event, and should you cancel it is generally unlikely that I would be able to rebook that date.  I retain the event deposit to off-set the lost revenues resulting from the cancellation. 

How early should I book you for my wedding? 

So as I said above, my booking horizon is typically 9-14 months out. It's also important to note that I only accept 35 weddings per year. There's only so many Saturday to go around! 

Do you include set up and break down in your price? 

Yes. My set up and break down at a wedding take about an hour on each end depending on the venue and are included in the price of my services. No hidden fees.  I am usually on site a minimum of 3 hours prior to any guests arrival. 

What kind of equipment is it that you use, that sets you apart from other DJs?

This is an area where I spare no expense. I want your wedding experience to be unparallelled and a big part of the way I do this is with my equipment. One of the first things to talk about is sub-woofers. I bring 2 QSC Kw181's to every wedding I dj no matter the size. My tops are also QSC k12.2's. These are the best speakers you can buy on the consumer side of the DJ industry without switching to a line array system which I also do offer through stewart sound. 

My turntables are also some of the best in the mobile DJ industry. Pioneer DDJ-SZ's.

I also bring backup equipment because at a wedding you can't risk having something happen. 

The core equipment investment I bring with my most basic DJ package is over $15,000 in speakers & mics etc. Not including backups. 
I have speaker combinations available worth over $45,000. 

Do you carry back-up equipment? 

Yes.  Even though I'm completely unconcerned with equipment failure at a wedding because of the quality of my DJ equipment I still bring backup equipment just in case. Weddings are a one shot situation and you have to have a 0% chance of failure.

Do you have references? 

I've got wedding references for my wedding references. Hit me up! 

Can we see you perform at an upcoming event? 

I'm afraid not :( I never invite potential future clients to weddings that I am performing at. It's just unprofessional.  I have lots of videos and sample mixes though! 

Do you include lighting? 

No.  My lighting is very tasteful and minimal. I do not bring flashing lasers. The focus of my show is the music 100%

Are you an interactive DJs/entertainers? 

I'm a DJ not a magician. I don't bring props or hats or any of that. I don't come out on the dance floor and lead the cupid shuffle. I don't have a limbo stick. I'm a killer wedding DJ who creates a great party atmosphere with my music. I make all the necessary announcements and I'm fun and nice but I still take it easy on the microphone.

What if no one is dancing, how would you get things going?

So first and foremost from the moment guests are on site I'm playing songs and watching for reactions. I'm learning from feedback with each song I play. It is true that sometimes I'll be at a wedding where it's apparent that the vast majority of guests invited are not big dancers. Let's call them sweet sweet wallflowers. If this is the case I'm going to tailor the music to what will get them out there and have fun in their own way. This is a very unusual problem for me to have at a wedding and usually the minute I start DJing the dance floor just fills right up!

What if you fall ill or can not make it to perform at our wedding? 

I have DJ'd 497 wedding at the time of this posting and I have never missed or been late to a single one of them. In the unlikely event that I cannot come to your wedding, I have a long list of qualified DJ associates who I can call on to help. 

Do you use banners or signs advertising your DJ company? 

No.  I don't have any visible advertisements at your wedding. I don't plug myself during announcements either. When people come up and ask me for info I just slide them a card and that's it.

What do you need from us as far as the event site? 

The only thing I need is a 6 or 8 foot banquet table with a matching table cloth. I also need to be within 20' of a power source. The minimum power I can have access to is a single dedicated 15 amp outlet. This is the same kind of wall outlet you'll find at your house.

Should we feed Lucas the DJ? 

Yes you should. He gets hungry and needs fuel to party. 

 What will you wear to my wedding? 

I dress like one of your wedding guest. I want to blend in and look cool. If the groomsmen are wearing grey suits, that is probably what I will wear.  

Do you provide wireless mics? 

I provide a wireless mic for toasts but I also have one of these bad boys for toasts.