Asheville, NC Wedding DJ


This really can be something special. I think the most important thing here is to try to be present. Be present with your new significant other and enjoy your very first dance together as husband and wife. Sometimes people work on some great choreography to give their first dance a little extra spice. That's super cool. Sometimes they don't rehearse and just live in the moment together. Also cool.

If you want me to help you prepare a special first dance mashup or something like that hit me up. I can mix something up for you at home so you can practice with it for the big day.  

You should definitely consider the length of the song and remember that I can fade it out for you early if we need to. Sometimes I just tell the bride and groom to give me a little nod when they're done and voila. My advice is to just find a song that speaks to you and go with it. There are so many different songs I've seen used for first dances that I'm not even going to make any suggestions. Get out there and find your song!