Oh my goodness it's time for the Grand Entrance! Lace up your shoes boys and girls and let's do this thing. This is your first every introduction as husband and wife and all the guests are inside ready to cheer you on. There are two main ways that I do this.

1. The classic grand entrance is where I play a fun song and introduce the entire bridal party into the reception hall first and then you last. The Bridal party is waiting for you on the dance floor and when you arrive we move into the first dance. It's a great way to kick off a wedding

2. The accapella entrance. This can be super fun and classy. In this situation I do not introduce the Bridal party. I only introduce the bride and groom by name and we do so without any musical accompaniment. It's nice because it feels more natural and organic with the sound of people cheering being the only sound you hear. 


Some people want to have a different song for each pairing of the bridal party and I generally recommend against this. It usually feels a little too choppy and can be hard for the crowd to get into each individual song. Here's some songs that work well for the Grand Entrance: 


Justin Timberlake, "Can't stop the feeling"
Luis Fonsi, "Despacito"
Michael Jackson, "The way you make me feel"
Coldplay, "Sky full of stars"
T.I., "Bring'em Out"
Hall & Oates, "You make my dreams come true"
Beyonce, "Crazy in love", "Love on top"
American Authors, "Best day of my life"