How I became a wedding DJ in Asheville NC. 

By Lucas the DJ

My road to becoming a wedding DJ in Asheville NC started in college ten years ago when I started DJing parties. Good times were had by all but these were just big crazy parties full of college kids so you know how that goes.

Then I moved to Charleston SC in 2009 to start a DJ business. Fast forward two years from that and I had two business partners, an office on Broad St., a warehouse filled with equipment, and 4 other DJs working for us on rotation. 

In 2014 we handled 300 weddings! That's so many weddings...

I learned a valuable lesson that year. I learned that I'm a great wedding DJ. I learned to be careful what you wish for. I learned that I wanted to focus 100% on my clients and my service. I don't want to be distracted by other DJ's working for me at other weddings. I wanted to create a luxury brand and I want to rock weddings. 

So Lucas the DJ was born! 

I want everything that I do to be quality from beginning to end and I'm thankful for the awesome clients I get to work with.  I am convinced that I actually have the best job in the world. Weddings are a celebration, and people are ready to have fun.  I get to give brides and grooms one of the best day of their life.