Mother Son Dance

The Mother Son dance is usually immediately following the Father Daughter song. The same rules apply here as to the Father daughter. The most important thing I can tell you about this is that most Mother Son dances are not longer than 2 minutes. That doesn't mean you should pick a song that's two minutes long! It means I'll fade it out. 

That's not to say that I'm trying to rush anybody! If you want to dance full length then please by all means. I'm just saying that for most people, fading out the song after around 90 seconds to 2 minutes feels about perfect. 

Here's some Mother Son songs that I've played in the recent past:

Fee Fallin - Tom Petty
How Sweet it is - James Taylor
It's not unusual - Tom Jones
Forever young - Rod Stewart
Young Song - Elton John
A mother's song - T Carter
In my life - The Beatles
My wish - Rascal Flats
Nothing can change this love - Sam Cooke

There's loads of songs online to choose from. The best place to start looking is probably going to be your mom!