Lucas the DJ is an Asheville, NC based party DJ.   

Hi I'm Lucas. 

I've been in the center of stylish weddings and nightlife for almost eight years. I'm a high end DJ for people who really want a great party with their friends and family. 

My ideal bride and groom hire me because they want music and celebration to be at the center of their big day. They want an exceptional party.

They want their personal musical taste to be reflected and they want every friend and family member out there on the dance floor as well.

They think of their reception as a gift they are giving to their friends and family. Do you want everyone to have a great time? If so then consider me as an option. "

I play cool music. I play classic music. I play great music. 
Your happiness at your wedding is extremely important to me.

Great weddings = great parties.  

Top 40, HOUSE, Hip Hop, Funk, (Classic) Wedding Songs, Motown, Shag, Beach Music, Classic Rock, EDM, and a splash of everything else. It all depends on my couple & crowd. 


I use a Reception planner to coordinate all the details. 

Click here to listen to a mix


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