Lucas - A different kind of DJ.    

"I am passionate, insanely creative– and “average” just isn’t what I'm trying to do. "

Lucas is always looking to do more– to create, to innovate, and to show how technology, when used with talent, allows him to change the rules without the cheese.  He strives to push the bar higher and in different directions, so that his Rockstar Clients and Couples receive the type of event they deserve: one that will be remembered long after the last song ends.  Packed dance floors loaded with guests of all ages, the artistry of flawless entertainment ability, a broad portfolio of enhancements,  and not being bound by the limitations of packages or outdated standards, is what Lucas is all about.  

"We had the most fabulous night! Everyone keeps talking about the dancing and how they had the best time, and that is all thanks to you and your amazing dj skills!"

Shaylyn + Peter, Grand Bohemian, 2017

Lucas is different, and he is glad you are here to tour his site to learn about his entertainment services & offerings. 

Based in Asheville NC but available for events worldwide.