Wedding Reception Activities
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So again, I've DJ'd for a lot of different kinds of families from a lot of different kinds of places and different people and cultures have different traditions for weddings. A lot of these won't be for you but these are some common traditions and activities that I have had past clients ask me about. In the right context all of these things can be fun but for the most part I just play the jams.

Just about everyone has seen a grand entrance once or twice. This is the first official introduction for the new Bride and Groom. This usually includes the wedding party. Everybody lines up, we start playing a fun song, and I introduce everybody in order until we reach the Bride and Groom. It's super fun.

You can also do a grand entrance with no music if you want to have a more organic feeling introduction. I only introduce the Bride and Groom on this one. You get everybody to rise up and say "Ladies and gentleman, for the first time as husband and wife please welcome the new Mr and Mrs. YOU. Everybody cheers and it's really nice. Feels good for sure. This is definitely a second option to consider when planning your grand entrance at your wedding. 

An often overlooked time to shine for the bride and groom is right after the introduction. Just take the mic and thank everyone for coming. It goes over big and people really appreciate it! More common is for the Father of the Bride to say a few words. Sometimes nobody says anything. It's really up to you but I certainly recommend it! 

I say first dances here because usually we do the father daughter and mother son immediately after the first dance. One of the most important things to remember about father daughter and mother son dances is that they do not have to be full length! It's almost always a good call to abbreviate the family dances so that they end on a high note instead of feeling like they're dragging out. Keep that in mind when you're choosing all the music for your wedding. 

One of the most common concerns I get from brides and grooms is the concern that toasts will run too long or someone who is not on the list to give a toast is going to come up and take the mic and take over the reception. I can say with 100% certainty that this has NEVER happened at any of the weddings I have DJ'd at. Ever.
People like giving toasts and toasts are good. One of my main jobs as the Emcee is going to be introducing who is going to give a toast and then closing the individual toast out with a cheer from the crowd if the toaster forgets to close their toast. That makes everyone feel much better:)

Now this one is all over the place. Sometimes people don't have a cake at all. Sometimes they just have a little topper. etc etc. In my opinion, the cake cutting can be a really fun moment for everyone in attendance. I think it's a good idea to invite guests to join the bride and groom over by the table so that they are in the pictures and they can participate in the moment as well. Remember that all these people came to see moments exactly like this one so don't leave them out! 

Pick a fun song that people can get into. Let's get the party started mid-cake cutting.  

Yesssssss. Bouquet time. Listen, it doesn't matter if everyone's already married. It doesn't matter if you don't have any bridesmaids. The point of the Bouquet toss is that it's fun and it's a great picture. Let's toss it! You definitely don't have to pick "single ladies" as your song but if you do nobody's going to be upset. Everybody knows what time it is when Beyonce comes on. I have a lot of good other suggestions though if you'd like.

So we get all the ladies out on the dance floor and get those hands high. We make sure the photographer is where they need to be and we do the dang thang.

I will say this, of all the wedding traditions, the bouquet and garter are definitely on the downslide in terms of popularity. I almost never do a garter toss anymore. I can't think of the last time I even did one. That being said, I have seen some tremendously fun garter tosses. It all just depends on if you and your guests are the type of people who want to own it or not. 

This dance is a great way to create a sweet moment during your wedding, especially if you have a lot of older people. We ask all the married couples to enter the dance floor and start playing a great slow jam. After a few moments I ask that anyone married less than a day to please exit the dance floor. This means you. Then I start asking if you've been married less than year, then five years, then ten years etc. Ultimately we find the couple at the reception who have been married the longest and everybody cheers for them. It's great.  

So in my humble opinion, a great wedding isn't complete without a great last song. Choosing something that everyone knows and can sing along to is critical. The last song of the night can be one of the biggest moments of the entire night and create some amazing photos. Just remember, end on a high note. It's fun.  

Alright alright. It's the end of the night. Time to send everybody off. Ideally you've got sparklers. It's one my favorite pictures that I never get tired of. I even collect send off pictures on my instagram! Usually the Bride and Groom wait until everyone lines up outside. I do this with the raw power of my voice. 

Then you leave forever . . .