Every wedding reception is different. Different people different places. Still though there are usually some basic elements that similar. I use the below reception planning form to organize all the details in an easy to understand and easy to follow way.  

This is what we'll use to coordinate the core details. Everything on this form is optional. Dancing is not. 

Here's an example wedding timeline:

5:15-5:45- Wedding ceremony
6:00-Guests begin to arrive from church for the cocktail hour (Bridal Party is off location taking photos)
7:00-Bridal Party arrives and we do the Grand Entrance. There's a lot of ways to do this so please check with me so we do it in the best way for you.
7:05-Bride and Groom go directly to center of floor and enjoy their first dance.
7:10-Father Daughter dance followed by Mother Son dance
7:10- Small speech/welcome by host (FOB) or Bride and groom and/or blessing by officiant.
7:15-7:45-Dinner served! Let's eat. 
7:45-Toasts by Best man and Maid of honor plus anyone else you would like to give a toast. 
7:50-Let's cut some cakeeeeeeeeeeeee.
8:10-Kick Off Dancing
8:15-9:40 More dancing
9:40- Bouquet and garter cancelled due to too much dancing.
9:45-Announced last dance
10:45- Last dance cancelled due to too much dancing.
10:55 - Everyone finally agrees to last song. Wedding ends on a high note. 
11:00- Lucas the DJ invites everyone to line up outside in parallel lines for Sparkler send off
11:00-End of wedding

You can literally order the events in anyway that you want. Sometimes different venues dictate that certain things happen in particular sequences. I've seen just about every possible order of events and they all have worked because they were in the right context at the right wedding. Let's party!