Wedding DJ | Asheville, NC

Read the crowd. Play fun music. Let's party.
I like jumping, cheering, twirling, singing, dance floor-bouncing weddings. 


I want to hear those words during your wedding.  Or else.
                     - Lucas the DJ 
"First of all... thank you! You freaking killed it Friday night man. Literally everyone said you were the best DJ they have ever heard."
                     - Mario Pandolfo 04.21.17

Booking me is pretty straight forward. Especially if you're in the Asheville, NC area. Out-of state-people keep in mind that I travel!

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Get in touch with me. Let's make sure I'm a good fit.  I excel mixing modern and classic wedding music together in a high energy and fun way. Crowds that like me better are usually pretty pro party. 
  2. If my availability looks good and you like me 😇, you request a contract and I'll email you back one needing your final signature.  
  3. At this point, you'll already have one of my reception planners. It's a form to coordinate timing and details etc.
  4. After you've finished that we schedule phone calls and exchange musical ideas/concepts. We can collaborate as much as you like and get very detailed. 

    If don't have a lot of specific requests:
    Give me a general idea about the vibe you want to create and then tell me a little bit about who's coming and poof
  5. We party

MICROPHONE: Nobody wants cheesy mic guy. I have a light, fun, and brief approach to announcements. 
If you prefer a more involved emcee I can do that too and we'll just tear the walls off a place.  

Asheville, NC brides and grooms that like me are usually looking for a high energy type of night that has plenty of change ups, left turns, and musical diversity within the scope of who is invited.